Dinner anyone?

Rachael Ray asks the guests on her daytime TV show 3 random questions designed to let the viewer know the celebrity a bit (because they are always unflinchingly honest during a talk show interview).  She asked Sarah Michelle Geller, “If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?”  Ms. Geller responded “Jackie Kennedy Onassis” to which the crowd “ooohhed” and Rachael complimented “good choice”. I have heard this question before and enjoy hearing the wide variety of answers and reasons why.  Some people feel the weight of it and take a long time to decide, … Continue reading Dinner anyone?

What can I say about cheese?

I am only one cheese lover with similar reasons for my love as millions of other people who relish cheese: the creamy smooth flavor, the sharp bite that pairs perfectly with red wine, the quick protein-filled snack, the naughty high-fat indulgence, and the perfect addition to most dishes.  In my case, I have equated cheese with privilege since I was a child.  Half-moon chunks of Colby and boxes of Velveeta indicated a flush pay period.  If we had cheese, we likely had pickles and pop, and we would not be eating beans and rice more than once that week.  Mom … Continue reading What can I say about cheese?