Until We Meet Again Dr. Wayne Dwyer

Your-Erroneous-ZonesAs an only child often left to my own imaginings I read every book I laid my hands on, and no book was off-limits, including Your Erroneous Zones by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  During the age of I’m OK, You’re OK, a cultural shift occurred.  People stopped viewing life as something that happens to you and began exerting control over thoughts, feelings, and habits in a quest for happiness, or at least contentment.  Just as Wayne’s childhood wasn’t the white-picket-fence variety, neither was mine, but he introduced a hugely attractive idea for a child who often felt powerless.  I could change my world with my thoughts and self-love.  There were many lessons yet to learn, most relating to personal responsibility, but the premise that I had a portion of control led me eventually to healing.  In this way, Wayne Dyer made a positive difference in my life, a fine epitaph for any man.


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