Closet Purge: Saying Goodbye to Previous Decades

The older I get the more ritualistic I become, finding meaning in simple and mundane moments.  Perhaps it is poetry and an abundance of unscheduled time which makes me feel sentimental about this closet purge or maybe it is that this year’s give-aways belong in a bygone era.  While I do not subscribe to those stupid lists of what women over 40 should never wear, I admit those short shorts no longer bring me joy.  I have been asking myself what brings me joy for months and have now graduated to the Konmari concept of purging past items that no longer serve a purpose.  I kept the torn acid-washed blue jeans of my early twenties because those concerts were wildly fun with a friend who is not here any longer.  I got rid of them because as much as I loved her, I need space in my mind and heart for new friendships.  Besides,  those memories are like smooth stones that I take out of a pocket and worry between the fingers in my mind at my leisure, always there, whether I still physically possess the ripped jeans or the Salvation Army trench coat I bought when I was 16.  They are a part of me.

The older items I’ve carted from place to place are tougher to let go of than those I chose in this decade because I am a thrower by nature and a mindful buyer most of the time. Moving on is my habit now, motivated in part by over a dozen apartment moves and a fear of wearing outdated styles too young or too tight for my burgeoning … personality.  Change is inevitable, and thank God for that, because I am aiming for a much higher evolution than where I currently stand.

Not only did the articles I purge this year no longer serve my purposes, but they might bring joy to someone who would wear them.  Rather than the dark corner of my closet, the red satin pants were made for a good time and are surely promoting happiness.  The 1950’s black dress with a full skirt will adorn someone’s hips and she will feel pretty and put-together, garnering compliments from admirers.  The smart blue blouse with white cuffs will impress during an interview and give the wearer just the edge they need to land a new opportunity.  And each person that chooses these items will pay much less than I did, adding exponentially to the joy quotient.

A goal of utilizing the Konmari method is that you are left only with items you love, so I hung on to a black rock-n-roll sparkly tank with a zipper down the back because it pairs nicely with leather pants that I have yet to find.  Just the thought of it brings me joy.

If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” – Paul Coelho


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