Makeup- Free Days: Unmasked and Unrestrained

LipstickThere are days made for makeup, days when I am out in the world building relationships and attending to business. Days filled with essential interactions are made easier with makeup, and are likely to become tedious if I skip it. I like most people, most of the time.  Clients are cooperative; people smile back at me; clerks and medical personnel make small talk and readily offer assistance when I wear makeup. Every once in a while I venture out for a day of errands without makeup and find myself invisible to most humans, and not in a fantastic way. If I ventured behind the counter at the bank I would, quite suddenly, become highly visible, and I bet my cuffs would be tighter if I was makeup-free.  In my mind twerking serves as confirmation of a generation gap, but like Miley, I think Gloria Steinem would agree that I am “playing the game as it exists” when I get dolled up for my time outside the creative zone.

Ah, but the days that are made for not wearing makeup are free days. Not necessarily free to do whatever I please, but rather free to produce, unhindered by my politely public persona. Who has time to put on makeup when ideas are withering on the vine? Putting on a mask is counter-intuitive to getting in touch, to reaching deep.  Whether writing blog posts, marketing copy, or formulas in Excel, I am more likely to find my muse when I am oblivious to my outward appearance, when I am living in my head. It really is best for everyone if I don’t venture too far on these “free” days once immersed in a process. Next time someone makes a mistake on the road or almost runs into you at the grocery store, consider that she may just be creating something wonderful in her head, especially if you notice she isn’t wearing makeup.  Maybe even give me a wave!