Shoes: A lifetime love affair

My passion for unique and beautiful shoes mirrored young love: frenzied, excessive, and lustful.  I felt a rush every time I slid my slim feet into a pair of high strappy heels, sexy and statuesque, emboldened by inquiries about where I bought them.  My beauties were scattered throughout our home, not because I was too lazy to put them away, but so that I could admire them and prolong the memories of how I felt when they adorned my feet.  As girlhood infatuation segued into serious love, I spent days shopping shoe sales, trying on dozens and returning home exhausted and sated by my newly found favorites.

As in any long-term relationship, my shoes and I changed over the years.  They became more expensive and less comfortable as I became more demanding.  I renewed my committment and became willing to give more.  We moved into a less exciting, though no less loving phase.  I adjusted my expectations and accepted that not only did four-inch heels hurt my widening feet immediately upon standing, but more importantly – they did not look good.  Cheap shoes cut their stiff material into my heels and did not compromise over time.  I began to experiment with better quality, defined arches, and wider toes.  My initial fear that beautiful shoes were not meant for women my age faded as I discovered the elegance of two-inch heels and charm of patterns and off-beat colors.  The harmony of comfort ratings and beauty emboldened my steps in a way that only a grown woman can understand.  I am confident that my love for shoes will endure because I am willing to compromise in exchange for that feeling.  Finding one perfect pair gives me a rush beyond those when our love was new.


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